Inter Process Communication based on shared memory, mutexes and signals
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Interface Definition Guidelines

How to connect communication partners

A special case is a 1:1 connection between client and service.
Even in this case, the attributes and methods of the service shall be named according to the domain of the service (not that of the client).

This can happen if e.g. the "service" like a window-manager (WM) is on an upper architectural level and another component like a user-input-event-provider (UIEProv) shall connect to it as "client".
Or if a "client" shall be re-used without modifications whereas the "service" is project specific and will be re-implemented in the next project.
In both cases, the dependencies shall be inverted.
An adaptor can solve this: It wrapps the "service" nature of e.g. the WM and connects to the UIEProv as client. Note that this adaptor may possibly introduce additional latencies.

How to define an interface

Types and Attributes

Clear and simple semantics

Methods and Broadcasts


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